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Everyone talks about how Big Data disrupts industries and organizations but they forget to ask the central question: How can managers work with their cognitive frameworks to improve the organizational conditions for creating value with Big Data & social media? Your mindset as a manager sets/influences the agenda for your organization and how it interacts with the marketplace. Especially when markets change radically, such as when disruptive business models emerge and/or new customer insights become available by using Big Data technology it is mandatory to identify your mindset.

“A must-read executive book on how to bring leaders and key employees to the next level, understanding what data-driven business and transformation means to their own company and organization. The focus of the book is absolutely critical for the development and growth of Scandinavian businesses in the next five years”, Jan Horsager, Research Director, IDC Nordic.

“The book provides a strong introduction”. Henrik Ørsted, Børsen

“The book is able to provide a good overview of the subject of Big Data and what management challenges the technological reality entails. In addition, it offers interesting cases that help translate four dominant mindset into practice.” Inside Business

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Pernille Rydén

Pernille is a highly experienced facilitator of individual and collective learning processes creating succesful organizational and cultural transformation.

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Torsten Ringberg

Torsten is an expert in cognition and psychological anthropology. He provides business solutions on to how to consider the human factor in technology projects.

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Per Østergaard Jacobsen

Per is a specialist in customer relationship management and Big Data. He trains managers across businesses and industries in how to develop CRM efficiency.

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