Learn to  understand your Big Data mindset

This blog will help you improve the value of Big Data technology by working with your managerial mindset.

Big Data technology offers so many new and tantalizing opportunities, both to engage with customers and other stakeholders, and to fend off existing and new entrants that disrupt existing go-to-market practices. But when disruptive business models emerge by delivering better products and services, it is essential to evaluate these from a position outside your largely tacit managerial mindset.

“But how is that possible?” you may ask. Well, the first step is to become aware of what dominant managerial mindset governs your way of seeing the business-customer interaction, as this mindset will also be projected upon your use of Big Data technology. . The next step is to become aware of whether your managerial mindset is the optimal one for your interaction with customers and other stakeholders through Big Data technology and. We have identified four influential mindsets, Promote-and-Sell, Listen-and-Learn, Connect-and-Collaborate, and Empower-and-Engage. Each mindset confines or enables your successful business-customer interaction all depending on your particular industry and might prevent you from accessing its potentially disruptive benefits, including new and more powerful ways to interact with customers. Read more: Disrupt your mindset to transform your business, chapter 1.

Rydén, P., Ringberg, T., and Wilke, R. (2015). How Managers’ Shared Mental Models of Business-Customer Interactions Create Different Sensemaking of Social Media. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 31, 1-16.

In the following weeks, we will share case examples of each managerial mindset in action. We hope this gives you a good sense of how to judge when and what mindset is optimal for your current business situation. As each mindset enables a particular strategic orientation and use of Big Data technology, by reflecting on your mindset you can then relate that insight to your strategic thinking.