Tailored workshops

(In Danish and English)

Do you need inspiration or help with your business transformation?

We tailor workshops based on your organization and our toolbox, and provide test and feedback.
Here is how it works:

  1. Briefing (meeting or conference call)
  2. Defining Scope of the workshop(s)
  3. Mindset testing of your management team
  4. Providing you with our detailed feedback on your test results
  5. Workshop to identify the next step in your mindset transformation process
  • Promote-and-Sell

    A blue mindset is associated with self-expression and an internal focus that are projected upon the world. This means that the development of products/services relies on in-house expertise, and Big Data is used as a tool to promote your products/services to the consumers.

  • Listen-and-Learn

    A red mindset is associated with being observant toward consumers’ thoughts and emotions. Insights into consumer preferences, needs and motivations are gathered to deliver more meaningful products/services.

  • Connect-and-Collaborate

    A yellow mindset is associated with developing new ideas with stakeholders, trusting their perspectives and inviting them along on a journey of collaboration. Big Data is used to attain new and visionary insights from stakeholders.

  • Empower-and-Engage

    A green mindset represents a holistic and empathetic approach to business and its interaction with the broader community. The green mindset uses Big Data to improve a renewal, sustainable, and ethical interaction with all stakeholders.


The main driver of successful value creation with Big Data starts with the mindset of the manager: It is essential that a match exists between the manager’s mindset and the organization’s strategy and the market dynamics. What´s on your mindset?

At the workshop we will clarify central strategy issues such as:

  • What mindsets do your competitors have?
  • What mindset does your customers demand?
  • How will newcomers to the market most likely disrupt you?
  • How can your organization gain strategically from interacting with the market through Big Data?
  • How actively should you involve/engage your stakeholders in Big Data activities
    (e.g., co-creation, new product development, social network, etc.)?